Friday, April 28, 2006

Today, May 1, is Love a Dork Day. (I started this post last Friday and even though I didn't post until today, blogger still thinks it is from Friday, errr.) Don't forget to love the cute dorks in your life, including yourself! I am going to celebrate by knitting (of course) and watching the Daily Show.

Had a pretty good knitting weekend. Spent Sat. evening working on my wedding wrap. I might have to buy another ball. I have almost done w/ one (have three total) and not sure that it is 1/3 of the length it needs to be yet.

G and I also went to a wine festival at Boordy vineyards, just north of Baltimore. It was nice. We got a few bottles of wine. I think their chilled wines are very good, especially the reisling. Wasn't a big fan of the reds. But all in all not bad for a local winery.

Then we went to Best Buy and Circuit City to look at small stereo systems (for music at the wedding) and cameras (!). I am close to deciding which digital camera I want. Then, I'll be able to post more pictures!

Have fun being dorks!

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