Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog Hiatus

I meant to post several times in October. I could have showed my Stitches East haul. And written about the socks I worked during Socktoberfest. I wanted to blog about the fun, unofficial "Chicks with Sticks" hockey outing w/ L and E. (I had so much fun with those girls! And! Security almost didn't let our knitting in to the Verizon Center in D.C.!!!!)

But I did none of those things. And now, it's almost Thanksgiving and I am entering travel season. Next week, I'll be in Wisconsin visiting the family. Then, a week after that I head to Hawaii for work (it really is for work). Then it's up to Connecticut for Christmas w/ G's family. Then maybe back to Wisconsin in mid Jan. for a work thing. Then back to Hawaii for work again. (I know! Who goes to Hawaii twice in two months for work? I love Hawaii, but I am not really looking forward to the second trip. It's a long haul to get there from the East Coast. On the first trip, I'll have company, which will be great. On the second trip, it'll just be me. Who whines about going to Hawaii for work? I am not whining too much, but it really is work when I am there and I know I'll be tired while there and then tired for a few days after I get back and be swamped w/ my regular work ... I'll want a vacation by the time Feb. rolls around.)

So ... my point, I think I'm going on a blog hiatus until Feb. I may post here and there, but it won't be my top priority.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!