Friday, April 14, 2006

Love a Dork Day

This will be my last post about dorks (for the near future at least). After reading part 1, Larissa suggested that there should be a dork holiday. I searched and there are two:

There is already a Be a Dork Day (July 15) and Dress Like a Dork Day (October 19).

But I didn't find a Love a Dork Day. I know there are a lot dork lovers out there and I think we should celebrate that. So I proclaim that May 1 (May Day) should be Love a Dork Day. So on May 1, do something to love your dork. Maybe knit something for your dorks or yourself, you adorable dork, you. Or cook something yummy or read them something from a good book (my dork and I read Savage Love together) or whatever. Just tell your dorks how much you appreciate and love their dorkiness.

Have fun!

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