Friday, April 07, 2006

More on Scarves

This is one of my favorite scarves. It is an easy drop stitch pattern, but the result is lovely, especially with a chunky yarn like this.

I found the yarn (Museum by Artful Yarns) a year ago at The Yarn Garden in Annapolis. I fell, fell, fell for it. I just wanted to dive into the blue and swirl around in it. The color is so rich, which I know is a description more often used with warm colors, reds, browns, etc., but here it also works for blue. I bought the two skeins in the store and then promptly put them in my stash baskets. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I loved how chunky and dread-like the yarn was and wanted to so something to showcase that. And since I only had two skeins, I figured it would be some type of scarf.

So the summer passed and I worked on other projects (actually didn’t knit much last summer; it was my first experience w/ a Baltimore summer and I found it too hot to knit). Then came fall and I was busy working on Christmas projects. But occasionally, I took the yarn out and drank it in. Then after Christmas, I discovered a drop stick scarf pattern and knew right away that it was perfect for the blue.

It knit up very fast. In fact, I think I did the bulk (sorry, bad pun) of it on a flight to Milwaukee. I worked at the office headquarters that week and was so excited to have a new scarf to show off! A testament to how much I love this yarn: wool makes me itch, especially around the neck, but I wear this scarf anyway.

While I was in Milwaukee, my mom and I went to the Grafton Yarn Store, which is an old mill in this small Wisconsin town. What a great store! Just prior to my trip home, I attended my first knitting meetup and was inspired by a scarf a woman was working on. She was making a striped diagonal garter scarf with all different yarns and I loved it! So, at the Grafton store, I bought a bunch of yarn to make my own. I get compliments on this every time I wear it and every where I go: at restaurants, Rite Aid, even yarn shops! It would be a great stash project since you don’t need a lot of any kind of yarn.


Jamie said...

Oh, that blue yarn is delicious!

Lately I'm on an alpaca kick. I got a couple of balls of alpaca-merino blend in an almost iridescent blue-grey-violet. I fight the urge to roll around in it. ;-)

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you are local and are intersted in entralac my LYS is doing a entralac KAL bag in July the link tot he store is onmy sidebar. good luck