Sunday, June 08, 2008


In the past week, I've had a couple of knitting setbacks. Well, the first isn't a setback so much as a delay. A long delay.

I tried to block my Hemlock Ring blanket. I soaked it in the machine. Then I took it upstairs to pin out on my blocking surface: a spare queen-sized mattress on the floor in what will become the baby's room.

First problem: I ran out of needles about halfway through. Bigger problem: I ran out of stamina for bending over on the floor about halfway through. The belly is just too big for me to be kneeling or bending for that long. So I here's a photo of the blocked side. I think I'll have to re-block this after the baby is born ... if I can find time. Another idea: someone on Ravelry blocked her Hemlock Ring by having it steamed at the dry cleaner. That sounds tempting, but also a little scary.


What is the best way to block a circle? I started in the middle and worked by way around and out. But that was so fiddly that I then started at the edges and worked my way around. I don't think that would have worked all that great either though if I had actually gone all the way around. Oh well. This thing probably won't be properly blocked until the fall I guess.

Second and sadder setback: I was happily working along on my Shetland Triangle shawl. I was being super careful. I had a lifeline. I counted the stitches in every even row to make sure I hadn't missed a yarn over or something in the previous pattern row. I had memorized the pattern repeat. I had just finished the fifth chart repeat when I just glanced again at the chart. And somehow saw for the first time that it isn't supposed to be knit in garter stitch. There's a two-stitch garter border but that's why it's a border b/c there rest is stockinette. I don't how I missed this. It seems so obvious, but I was just so happily knitting along and paying attention to the yarn overs and increases and decreases that I really didn't look at the regular stitches.


I am so bummed. I still haven't ripped it out. I've been knitting on the Duffel Coat baby sweater while I stew about this obvious and stupid mistake. Err. It was going pretty fast so I know I can start over. But I hate all that wasted knitting time. I really wanted to have this done before the baby's born. And I should still be able to do it with five weeks to go. But still, errr.