Monday, May 01, 2006

New Blog

I started a new blog called Booby Chick: for girls with bigger than average boobs by a girl with much bigger than average boobs. A few weeks ago, I said something about boobs to G and he thought it was funny and that I should start a blog for my boob witticisms. He said that other booby girls would love it, I could talk about where to find good bras, how to attract a boob-friendly dude, what not to wear (tents), etc., and I could make people laugh and maybe even provide a small service to booby chicks. So stop by, say hi. You don't have to be booby or even a girl (but inappropriate comments will not be allowed).

Ok, back to knitting. Had a great time knitting w/ the Columbia group tonight. There was much laughter and cool knitting, and oddly enough some talk of boobs. I am knitting a wedding wrap to somewhat cover the boobs at my wedding this summer. My dress is hot (and pretty!) but the boobs are pushed up and out in a way that might not be the most appropriate in church. So someone across the table asked what I was working on and I said, "a wrap for my wedding to cover my boobs." Of course, it was loud in the cafe and the girls at the other end of the table heard "wrap" and "boobs" but missed the rest. And everybody stopped talking in time for me to repeat "a wrap for my wedding to cover my boobs." In fact, I think the entire cafe at Borders stopped talking to hear me say that. Nice that I could share with all.

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Anonymous said...

I am a "Booby Chick" myself!

Look forward to reading your blog.

Knitter Tea Swap! ;)