Monday, April 30, 2007

Where to Start?

I can't believe it's been more than a month since my last post. I had a
big post all planned for April 1 because I actually finished three
projects that day. Three projects that by coincidence fit the
yellow/green/pink Project Spectrum theme.

But April was insane. So much happened in just a few short weeks.

First, let me show you my finished objects.

Here is my first sweater for me:
title="Photo Sharing">width="375" height="500" alt="IMG_1274" />

I say ugg.
But I am happy with how some things came out. First of all, I thought I
did a good job on the short rows, figuring out where to put them and
then actually doing them. But I should have also done some waist
shaping. I opted just for the short rows b/c I thought the waist would
be snug already. But it could have come in a bit. Also, I thought I
would like the longer, tunic length, but I decided a shorter,
hip-length sweater would be more flattering on me. And the neckline is
a bit funky. You can't see it in this picture b/c my hair is blocking
it (and sorry about the crappy photo, but I wasn't feeling too inspired
to take a better one). There are these tab-like things on the neck that
are hitting too high. They should be at about the collar bone, but on
me they are at the very base of the neck. Good thing my hair covers

The yarn is Cascade Eco. I love the color! I had a TON left over. I bought three (giant) skeins, each about 480 yards. I think I have one whole skein left.

did OK with the seaming, though I did get a bit lazy and I probably
could have been more meticulous. It looks fine, but it probably could
look better.

This is my first sweater ever:
title="Photo Sharing">width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_1372" />

I knit it last July, seamed it in Feb. and added the ribbon on April 1. It is knit in gross Redheart
that I got at a swap and I used because I just wanted to "practice" a
sweater. Of course, the problem with that is then I didn't want to give
it to either of my baby nephews and now it just sits on my couch.
Still, it is cute! Baby things almost always are, even if they are made
out of bad yarn. It is too small for the nephews now, so I may give it
to the church's giving tree next Christmas.

And here's something pink:

title="Photo Sharing">width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_1374" />

socks were for L's birthday at the beginning of the month and were done
in time, but I finally just gave them to her yesterday. She seemed to
like them. :)

They are knit in Colinette Cadenza, about three skeins.

Other news:
visited Wisconsin and got to see my nephew Owen again and got to meet
my nephew Alex for the first time. They are both about 6 months now. I
am in love. Alex's family is coming for a visit in May and I can't wait
to see him again (and my little niece too). Anybody have cool,
kid-friendly activities in the Baltimore area? Maybe a cool park?

Owen has ears like Dumbo and he sits and holds his feet with his hands, looking very monkeyish as he does it. And his hair is what I call a baby hawk; it comes to this adorable spike at his forehead.

is 10 days younger than Owen and he is a bit smaller. He has the most
enchanting smile, laughs a lot and he liked to sleep on me. Oh. Oh.

are buying a house! And it's yellow! Seriously, I did not TRY to buy a
PS approved house, it just happened. We close at the end of May and I
can't wait. I'll have a picture of it after it's all final. Now we are
in the process of picking paint colors (cause the pink LR and DR walls
have got to go).