Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's been a busy few weeks. May was gone in a blink. The last time I posted, I was preparing for an eight-night combined trip to headquarters and then a weekend bachelorette/30th birthday.

As soon as I returned from that trip, I packed up the rest of my house and moved last weekend. So you see, the "home" in this post's title does not only refer to the end of my recent travels but also my new home with my almost husband. The move went as good as any move could go. No, a move where you hire packers and movers would undoubtedly go much smoother. But minus the professionals, we did OK. A couple friends helped pack up. And the downstairs neighbor helped G carry up the heavy stuff! We gave him beer. He saved us. Or me at least.

I am home, at last. Finding G (or, rather, him finding me) was an amazing turn in my life. And I really feel home with him. OK, the space is a little cramped. Course, once I actually get stuff out of boxes, it'll look a little less cramped. But I fear we are reaching saturation for putting the stuff that is in the boxes. A trip to Walmart or Ikea is foretold.

Sadly, I have not knit much. I did finish the wedding wrap. Well, the knitting is done. I need to wash and block. No idea where I am going to find a flat service for that.

I started to gauge for my first pair of socks. But even w/ size 0s, I think my gauge is too loose. I'll post a picture soon and ask for advice. No pictures this time. I know where my camera is (that is a small miracle), but I haven't the energy to do anything with it.

This weekend is G's bachelor party. I volunteered to chauffeur him to and fro so that he can truly take advantage of that beer place w/ like 50 exotic beers on tap.

To anyone who is engaged out there. I say shack up long before the wedding. G and I weren't opposed to living together pre-marriage. We've both done it before. After I broke up w/ my ex, I told myself I wouldn't live with someone w/o a real commitment again. G had a similar experience. He did not want to "play house" with me. We wanted to look forward to the marriage b/c then we would be together every morning, and I wouldn't have to leave on Sunday nights after a nice weekend together. Plus I didn't want to leave my roommate in a bind. But I don't think I recommend moving three weeks before the wedding, especially if you travel a lot for work and work out of a home office when not traveling. This week, I've battled Internet and router issues, had two dress fittings, have boxes everywhere, unpacked some stuff. I'm on the phone w/ my mom at least once a day. Haven't knitted is so long!!!

But Saturday is international knit in public day and I will knit. I'll need a break by then!

I'll probably post infrequently until mid July. I am so looking forward to July! Be married, all unpacked. The router will magically fix itself. And my husband and I can sit on our back porch and hold hands!