Thursday, April 13, 2006

Famous Cute Dorks

I continue my ode to dorks. Some famous cute dorks include:

Conan O'Brien
Jon Stewart (quite possibly the cutest famous dork)
Clay Aiken (back when he first appeared on American Idol, these days he is more fabulous than dork, but you can't ever completely expel the dork)
Sean Astin (Sam the hobbit, also from Goonies and Rudy)
Ross on Friends (Russ sometimes stradles the line between cute and bad dork)
Ellen (the best exmple of a cute famous female dork)
Tina Fey
Camron Diaz's character in Charlie's Angels
Bridget Jones
Bonnie Hunt
Jamie Lee Curtis
Anne Hathaway
Natalie Portman (She mostly annoys me, but all the boy dorks love her and I am told she seems very dorky on talk shows)
Dar Williams (am told she is very dorky in person and in concert. Yeah!)
David Allen Greer (love him! So sad when Life With Bonnie was canceled)
Norah Jones (very dorky, very cute)
Zack Braff
Kaylee on Firefly (OK, just mentioning this makes me eligible for biggest dork of the year--but really it was Larissa who suggested her, so L is eligible for biggest dork award)
Tracy Chapman
The entire band of Hem
Janine Garofalo (she comes to mind immediately as a dorky actress and she is cute, but sometimes she seems to be too angry to be labeled a cute dork. Cute dorks can get angry, of course, like anybody, but they aren't angry all the time.)


Elinor said...

Eeee! Kaylee is such a dork. She's so cute about it, though! And I love Sean Astin.

Jamie said...

Do you watch "Bones"? You can add most of the cast to your list. :-)

Theresa said...

I haven't seen "Bones" but I'll have to check it out.

Morniƫ said...

*cough* I'd like to vote for one addition: Stephen Colbert. I know his TV persona is kinda a jerk, but its acting. I've heard he's actually really nice in person. And he's probably the nerdiest person on TV right now. Seriously. The references he makes on the Colbert Report... its downright hilarious.

Hopefully I'll find out soon. I get to go to the Colbert Report!

Theresa said...

How could I forget Stephen Colbert? He is my favorite cute dork. So cute, so funny. Wish I could go to the Colbert Report!

Mornie: I hope you write about it on your blog.

yarnmaniac said...

I agree with all your choices!