Monday, February 11, 2008


So I just reread my last post, from before Thanksgiving! and remembered how tired I was when I wrote that.

All I could think about was all that upcoming travel and I was so tired and just thinking about it made me even more tired.

Basically, all I wanted to do for the past three months was sit on the couch and stare at the wall, or watch TV. But just staring at the wall was fine.

Ok, this sounds terrible. But it's really good! I am pregnant! About 19 works along! The first three months sucked. Sucked big time. I come from a long line of women who get really bad morning (noon and night) sickness. I remember my mom staying in bed for the first three months when she was pregnant with my youngest brother. And an aunt had to be on an IV during her first few months b/c she could not keep anything down. Her family moved in with my grandparents while she was so sick. She remembers them creeping in to check on her to make sure she was still alive.

So, I have bad morning sickness genes! But it wasn't nearly as bad as either of those examples. I know it could have been worse. Yes, I did puke, but not every single day. But I felt nauseated most of the time and wanted very little to do with food of any kind.

But beyond the puking and not wanting to eat, I was just amazed at the fatigue. A doctor friend of mine said early pregnancy is equivalent to climbing a mountain as far as the stress on the body. Yikes!

I couldn't knit. I couldn't read much. Seriously, on my long ass flight to Hawaii in Dec. I didn't read much or knit a thing. I couldn't keep up with Ravelry. I did read some blogs but I rarely commented. All my typing energy had to be saved for work, or something. :) I could barely hold a conversation.

But finally, I feel like I am resurfacing. I am starting to feel good again and like I can participate in my life again. I haven't puked for about a week and half (woo hoo!) and don't feel sick unless I haven't slept well.

Today was great! We found out it's a boy! A little boy. Now I can start knitting something for him. I tell you, I wouldn't have had anything to post on this blog anyway b/c I couldn't knit. The movement made me sick. From mid. November until Jan., I think I knit a total of 10 rows. I had several projects in the works back then (including a few Christmas gifts that will be almost ready for next year now!) and I recently picked up a few again.

I've had the itch to do knit for the baby, but was waiting until I found out the sex. I need ideas! I have some good blanket yarn I bought years ago just because it was sooo soft. But it's really fluffy, so better for a floor blanket vs. a bundling blanket. My SIL gave me a Debbie Bliss baby book for Christmas and it has some cute patterns. Oh, and I think the Knit Two Together book had a really cute baseball inspired hoody. And the baby will need a cute hat. Part of me wants to cast aside all my WIPs and just do baby stuff, but the other, organized part of me wants to finish all those WIPs first and then do baby stuff. I'll probably do something in the middle.

So that's my big news! I promise I'll have knitting content here soon. Probably not any finished objects for a while though.