Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Knitting Vacations

Has anybody ever taken a vacation just to knit? I have knit on vacations, but some days when I wake up I wish I could devote the entire day to knitting. Of course, there are the weekends, but right now weekends are full of work (wedding and other work) or planned out for weeks ahead of time (invite assembly this weekend, then Easter—-we’re starting a tradition of having roasted squash and sausage risotto. I can’t even tell you how yummy this is. We started this last year and the tradition continues! But I should get some good knitting time Easter weekend too, especially at the Wallace and Gromit knit fest meetup. Then the parents are all coming to meet each other—-except my dad can’t because he has to have a procedure called ablation to zap some overactive pacemaker cells around his heart; it has a low risk of complications so I am not too worried, but sad he can’t come too and it is a reminder that dads are not indestructible. Also this same weekend my wedding dress is coming! See this link, only my lace will be gold, not red. Then I am off to Wisconsin for a shower, then … then I think I have a free weekend! Amazing. So, back to my point: I want a mid-week day to just sit and knit w/ no distractions. Sadly, I think I’ll use most of my vacation this year on wedding, honeymoon, Thanksgiving, etc.

Working at home, it is VERY tempting to knit. But I resist. Employer: I really do. I don’t knit on the job. Sometimes I might go into my room to pet something and look longingly at it, but just for a minute. I don’t want to jeopardize this gig.

So, maybe next year, I’ll budget a whole day of just knitting day into my vacation schedule.

Last night at the Baltimore Knitting Meetup, someone mentioned a knitting cruise! Our ideal cruise would offer classes AND have vendors. But I think that could be dangerous. Seven days of yarn shopping could be scary.

More pictures:
I mentioned in my last post that I have no shortage of scarves. And it is true, as this picture demonstrates.

These scarves don’t all belong to me: one is my roommate’s. And the picture does not include the non-hand knitted scarves that we own. Yet, still, I make more. I love scarves. They are so undemanding and so functional or pretty or functional and pretty. And soft and they fit. With a scarf, I don’t have to try to figure out how I need to adjust a sweater pattern to fit over my boobs. They are fast and let you finish and get to your next project. Invariably whenever I start a project I am ready to start the next and the only thing standing in my way is the current project.

Yeah scarves!


Jamie said...

Great wedding dress--and very unusual, too. I like that.

I think I will be knitting another scarf, despite TOTALLY not needing more. I have some gorgeous ladder yarn I got at Big Lots that...well, I can't figure out much else to do with it. It would be very nice as a scarf.

Elinor said...

The dress is very impressive. I love it.

I also love scarves... but the one I made is really old and beginner knitting and crap. It's all good though, because I don't wear it so no one sees it. >.> I wear the cashmire one my grandmother gave me. *purr*

I wish we could go on a knitting cruise. I'd just die. It would be wonderful. My dad always wants to go on the Aikido (martial art) cruise every year, but we tend to not let him because we don't really have the money for the cruise+classes+stuff. Pity. Still, one can dream. =D