Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Great Music

Last night H and I went to Rams Head in Annapolis to see Hem. You really need to check out this band. They are kinda folky, kinda country (but only in the best way, as evident on their cover of Jackson). They do some covers (Jackson, as mentioned, The Tennessee Waltz--so pretty, so heartbreaking--and Rainy Night in Georgia are a few). But their own songs are even better. The Fire Thief is one of my favorite songs ever. Three of the band members write most of the songs. And they play instruments like: glockenspiel, mandolin, banjo (plus guitar, piano, bass, violin, etc.). Lead singer Sally Ellyson’s voice is heartbreakingly beautiful. Seems to be soft and light at first, but comes on strong later. Seriously, check them out.

They opened for Josh Ritter. At first I was disappointed b/c it meant a short set, but Josh was fantastic too! Again, he is kinda folky, but with more of a pop sound than Hem. You can listen to his latest album online. He is going on my cute dork list. First of all, he has this mop of curly red hair. And he was the happiest singer I’ve ever seen. He was so smiley all night and was having so much fun on stage. It was contagious. Plus he is from Idaho. How dorky is that?

No knitting updates today. I haven’t had a chance to work on my lace wedding wrap. I am just doing a rectangle w/ an even number of stiches. I then slip one knitwise, knit to together, yarn over, repeat k2t and yo across row until last stich, then knit. I don't know if this stich has a name. It was in my knitting pattern a day calendar for an airy scarf. I decided to it on size 6 needles, but that is as far as I got. Tonight Alias is on, so I should have plenty of knitting time.

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