Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Love a Dork

Do you have dork love? What? Ok, so dorks, I love dorks. Cute dorks. And I know I am not the only one. My roomie Larissa shares this trait. And knitters are often some kind of dork, mostly cute ones! We're crafty and creative and prefer to spend our free time shopping at LYS or browsing knitty and knitpicks instead of the mall. (Ok, I don't want to lump all knitters into one group: I know we are all different, some are trendy and hip, some are funky, punky, some are young, some are old, some like to hike, some like to watch Firefly--speaking of dorks--some cook, some ballroom, contra, salsa, belly dance, some garden, some are sexy, some are frumpy, etc. etc. And some do all of these and more in the same day. One of the things I love most about the knitting explosion is the wide variety of us out there. But a lot of us are kinda dorky, only in the best way, read on.)

Cute dorks are dorks who are cute, but not necessarily the studliest guys (or girls; there are cute girl dorks too, but my fascination is w/ the boy kind). They often have glasses, a funny smile. Sometimes they HAVE NO IDEA just how cute they are.

There is a difference between bad dorks and good (or cute) dorks. Bad dorks tend to have a chip on their shoulders. They have dork 'tude, if you will. Take a dorky thing like loving Star Wars (obviously most people like Star Wars; I am talking about those who REALLY love it). There could be two dudes waiting in line to buy tickets to an opening night showing. One guy acknowledges that this is kind of a silly thing to do, he knows it is dorky. He smiles, shrugs, realizes that the world may label him a dork. But it is OK because he'll say something like "hey, I'm a dork. I live with it. I like it." When Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits, he laughs at himself. But the bad dork refuses to see that it might be just a tad silly to be dressed like Luke Skywalker and wait in line for a month. He gets angry at Triumph for poking fun. He does not laugh at himself, he does not label himself a dork. He is an extreme dork and yet he does not want to be one.

So in short, cute dorks love being a dork. But bad dorks do not. They might not want to do body shots on MTV spring break, but they are not comfortable enough w/ their own dorkiness. It is a sad sight.

Just about everybody in the world is some kind of dork. I say embrace your inner dork. Love it. Let it out! Go be dorky!

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