Friday, October 26, 2007

More Knitting on TV

I saw knitting on two shows this week. First, a female character on Carpoolers or Carpooling? was knitting.

And a character on South Park was knitting! I can't remember if it was the most recent episode or an older one. And I can't remember which character it was. I am guessing it was Mrs. Scotch, Butters's mother. She seems to me the most likely candidate. ETA: It was NOT Mrs. Scotch, but an old lady on the bus w/ Cartman during last week's episode. (Thanks to the girls on Ravelry's South Park a Teers group for reminding me!)

That's all!

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Heather said...

AH, keep finding that TV knitting! Tonight I saw the soon-to-be divorced sister on Brothers and Sisters knitting her way through her brother's detox session - must have been her stress relief. Very believable, too - she was about a foot into it in one scene, then, in a scene after time had passed, she had a monga-gonga scarf. Cool!