Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Wedding Quilt

This is the quilt my mother made for G and me for our wedding. I adore it. (This is not turning into a quilt blog, I just happen to have a few quilt-related posts lately.)


My wedding was last summer, but the wedding quilts are usually about a year late. I didn't mind! It was something to look forward to! I requested the beige and white color theme and I am so blown away by how beautiful it came out! It is pretty and girly enough for me w/o being too pink for G! It looks so lovely in our sunny, white bedroom. And it will look so pretty under other quilts. I want to have a bunch of "accent" quilts to change it up throughout the year. For example, in December, I could drape over it the Christmas quilt that mom made for my wedding shower. Also, I am working on a pink and green quilt that will be pretty over it in the spring. And if I someday make something with oranges for fall, it will look nice too.


Here's a close up of the center log-cabin motif:


I absolutely love it!


KnitPastis said...

You have a wonderful and talented mother! This is nice.
Funny, I bet you do the same thing as I am do...look and admire each individual strip of fabric:)

I would say it was worth the wait!

PS. At one of the museums in DC they are displaying quilts on the first floor. Think they were wall hanging sizes.

Sarah HB said...

LOVE the quilt. I bow to her ability.

Jolene said...

The quilt is really beautiful.

bySarah said...

Wow, its really beautiful!!

Larissa said...

so gorgeous!! Your mom has flawless taste :)

Javajem said...

It's awesome! the log cabin design is my favorite!

Lolly said...

This is a lovely heirloom gift - amazing details - and I love the fabrics she used :)

I am so happy you can go to the hockey game with me on the 20th (still on, right) It looks like it will be three of us! you have to bring some socks to work on ;)

Ragan Knits etc... said...

It is beautiful!

Pheelya said...

Wow! That is just gorgeous!! I'm jealous :)

I've never found that coffee around here. I buy it online as well :)

mel said...

Absolutely gorgeous - what a wonderfully talented mom you have!! And how nice to have something that she's made for you :)