Thursday, March 01, 2007


Why do the fashion police LOVE Nicole Kidman so much? She could wear poop and they would rave about her brave fashion choices. I should disclose that I have never liked anything that she wore to the Oscars. It's all blah, blah and blah. But this week, she was praised for wearing something that Charlize Theron was raked over the coals for wearing in the past. And during this week's Oscar Fashion Police on E!, those cats said that Kate Winslet shouldn't have worn such a pale green dress, because she is so pale herself. Hello?!!! Nicole Kidman is so pale she is practically translucent! And yet she usually wears the palest, most blah mother-of-the-groom colors like lavendar (when she isn't wearing a wedding dress like she did at last year's Oscars). Hey, at least this year, she wore a vibrant color. But I DID NOT like that noose thing around her neck. At least they acknowledge their bias. The Fashion Police (Debbie and the two Js) did not like Kirsten Dunst's Chanel dress (gag) but said that they would have loved it on Nicole Kidman. What??? I don't know why this bothers me. But it does.

Why does it seem like I didn't make any progess on my husband's 2 by 2 ribbed sock cuff during the four hours (plus a couple hours of red carpet coverage) during Sunday night's Oscar broadcast?

Why won't new Blogger let me post a picture to my sidebar with a link embedded?

Why can't I figure out how to customize my freaking sidebar in new Blogger?

OK, I do know why the Nicole Kidman stuff bugs me. The fashion police like her b/c when she wears a dress, they can just look at the dress without any woman getting in the way. She is a hanger (and I don't just mean b/c she is so very thin; she doesn't seem to have much of a personality; there's no spark there). They can get all geeky about the couture dress. But a dress should never wear a woman. It should never be the main event. I confess, I love to watch all the red carpet shows. I flipped between E! and the Rivers on TV Guide Channel just so I could see all the clothes. But I like dresses that make the most of the beautiful women wearing them. Take Salma Hayek. Nobody is ever going to miss her for the dress. Yeah, she's got amazing curves that couldn't be hid if they wanted to be. But she has so much personality; she is so vibrant. You're going to notice her and then notice her dress. The way it should be. I fear it is the opposite with poor Nicole. Honestly, I saw a red dress walking down the carpet and then realized it was on Nicole Kidman.


Sarah HB said...

I agree!

I like Nicole Kidman but she is a hanger, and I think that is not a good look for anyone.

I LOVE the women with curves...probably because I have quite a few myself! ;)

Javajem said...

I can help you with the new blogger side bar - it was driving me crazy too - but I think I figured it out. Shoot me an email and I'll talk you through it javajem at yahoo dot com