Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Project Spectrum Update

I finished the first sock for G! And it happens to be blue, so I am half done with a PS project. I must say, I am not rushing out to start the next sock. This one took me about a month. Blah. But it's pretty, isn't it? G loves it.

I also finished the back of my green sweater. I saved the front for last. Yes, I have been avoiding the short rows. It is not the how to that worries me, but the placement and how many to do. What if I end up with cups coming out the side of the sweater or at the top of my books, or just under them (which would give me sort of a four boob effect, wouldn't that be attractive?)? When I took the short row class at Stitches East, I think the teacher said that you just need to do a couple of rows of short rows. But I am "luckier" than the average girl in that area so I kinda doubt a couple will be enough for me.

So, I have two things I should be working on. But of course instead I want to start a hat, wrist warmers, something lacy and a tea cozy (I really do. I drink tea every day and I want it cozier!).

Ah, nice lazy day. I have the day off. But not because it is snowing with freezing rain forecast for the evening commute. Considering I telecommute, that would be pretty funny. No, I get a comp day for the weekend work I did in Aruba. Sweet! I didn't even sleep in. Ten years ago (probably even two years ago), I would have slept til 11:00 then watched E! for hours. But now I don't want to miss any of my precious day off! Of course, when I say I didn't sleep in, I should disclose that I normally wake up at 9:00 because I work in the next room on CENTRAL time. Thirty minutes is plenty of time to get up, wash my face, make my tea and yogurt and be in my desk at 8:30 in Wisconsin. Tee hee hee. I love it.

Oh, and I updated my blog template. I was tired of the green. I had started calling it "eek green" cause it was so bright and clashed with so many colors. I played around with new Blogger today and I like some of the new features.


Elinor said...

I love the sock, and I LOVE the new blog look! Very pretty. And days off are nice, aren't they? What a treat.

Sarah HB said...

ISn't new blogger SO MUCH EASIER to do a few things with than old blogger?

Love the socks & G posing!

Lolly said...

I like the new template - perfect for PS! :) and the sock is great too. So glad he likes it. Socks take me forever too... but they are worth it!

Jen said...

Nice new look for the blog!

Love the sock. Looks like it's gotten the stamp of approval! :)

Yarn Coffee said...

Pretty pretty sock. G is a lucky man to have a woman make him a sock. All men should be so lucky!

See you soon!