Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thanks to Jody for this amusing diversion! You google your name + is and get all sorts of fun things. I added my editorial comments after each one.

Theresa is all over Regina and Saskatoon promoting Something Is Expected! (I love saying "Saskatoon!")

Theresa is now on MySpace.

Theresa is a childhood friend of Ryan Atwood, and the two have engaged in an "off and on" relationship, which came to a halt upon Ryan's departure. (Don't tell my husband)

Theresa is home to Widmer Cheese, which is one of the few places that makes brick cheese using real bricks. (Well ... I do like cheese.)

Theresa is a coach and flexibility expert in the field of competitive athletics (not so much)

Theresa is Deceiving Jared is Down Right Disgusting. (wow, that's harsh.)

Theresa is trying to reassure Whitney that Chad really does love her. (Sounds like I live in a soup opera.)

Theresa is now back working in office administration, but is looking around for a job as a network administrator. (ha ha ha!)

Theresa is originally from Southern California and started her TV news career. (I was actually born in Northern California, Sebastopol.)

Theresa is also involved with Swirling Records' CDs, Soap Sessions. (oddly enough, I felt really dirty during this project.)

Theresa is clearly not practiced at dating, works hard, has some brittle edges (again, way harsh!)

Theresa is the most sought-after baby-sitter and dog-walker in all of East. (I am very proud.)

Theresa is often too tired to cook dinner. (Thankfully, I have a nice husband who sometimes cooks too).

Theresa is sarcastic. (guilty)

Theresa is now working on a Comparative Genomics module. (huh?)

Theresa is also a featured artist with the Grammy Award winning Paul Winter. (That was fun, but dddly enough, I am more proud to be the most sought after baby-sitter and dog-walker in all of the East.)

Theresa is probably the most poignant voice in American. (that's American, not English!)

Theresa is dedicated to the cultivation of Comfort. (For sure! Long live sweatpants!)

Theresa is "unusually" pretty. (Why thank you!)

Theresa is an ethnohistorian, with a Ph. D. in Anthropology from Rutgers University. (again, huh?)

Theresa is the best character on Passions. (that explains the soap opera vibe earlier.)

Theresa is very obviously not someone who follows the crowd. She spent time in France touring wineries and talking to many people. (Yes, I really have done this. I was in France, I toured a winery or two and I did talk to many, many people.)


Javajem said...

Funny ones! I'm glad you played along!

Pheelya said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing.