Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wedding Wrap

At last, here are some pictures of my wedding wrap. Again, I don't know if the stitch has a name, it is knit two together yarn over across row, except the first and last stitch. It produces a lovely, old-fashioned look, I think. Especially in this Manos cotton. So pretty and so soft!

The pattern is so simple and very easy. But I've had some problems b/c the ends were slipping off my straight needles (I should have used circular, as this is just a tough too long for my longest straight ones). I managed to get all the stitches back on w/o dropping any. Or so I thought. On Sat., while knitting in the car (mom was driving), I noticed that I had dropped the first stitch of a row, several rows back. I was so mad. I didn't think I could fix it b/c the yarn overs make it hard to see where the stitch was. But I didn't want to start all over. And I didn't want to continue and decide later to rip it out. So, I let it sit and then on Sunday in the airport, I decided to just try to rip to the mistake and fix. And I was able to! I know this is not the most complicated fix, but it was a milestone for my knitting to be able to fix something harder than garter stitch. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

The wrap looks great.

Good on you for being able to fix your mistake.

Karen said...

That wrap is gorgeous! When is your wedding? That's cool that you got to see Pierce. All I can say is YUM!

Theresa said...

Thanks! I am getting married June 24th, so soon! Sigh. Have to pack and move by the 3rd, plus I'll be out of town for a week before then. So between packing and blogging about knitting, my knitting has been sorely neglected!