Friday, May 19, 2006

The Mail Keeps Coming

My tea swap pal is the best! Look at what I got yesterday!

Four kinds of tea: Earl Grey (which I drink almost ever day), lemon ginger (which I drink whenever my tummy feels bad, or in the afternoon, PG Tips, and Peach Martini. That sounds fun!

Some tea biscuits

A wedding garter! How cool is that? The day before the package came, I was actually thinking that I didn't have a garter yet and I would need to find one somewhere. She read my mind!

And two balls of sock yarn w/ a pattern for toe up socks. Here's a close up:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sarah!

After I unpacked the box, I made up the ginger tea. It is so good. You can taste the real ginger in it. And I had some of the cookies. Yum. And dangerous! I think I'll take the sock yarn on the honeymoon. Socks might be the perfect, small honeymoon project. They'll be easy to bring to the beach, fit in my bag w/o too much bulk. Of course, I won't have any Internet that week, so if I get stuck, I'll be stuck. But I think I'll try. :)

My first experience with a knitting swap has been so much fun. I have all the pieces for my spoilee too. Just need to package it up and take it to the post office.


Sarah said...

So glad you liked your gifts.

Wow, that is amazing about the whole garter thing.

Something new and something blue!

Have a great honeymoon and wedding.

Sarah said...

I don't have your email....can you send it to me at sbridger3 at cox dot net?


KnitPastis said...

That's a great swap!! I didn't know there was a Tea Swap.

KnitPastis said...

Hey T, send me your email. Don't have it..Thanks!

yarnmaniac said...

That's a nice haul. I am so curious about Peach Martini tea! Please report!


Carol said...

i got my tea swap package! thank you so much, theresa!

The Purloined Letter said...

What a lovely package of teas!