Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Things

For those of you on Facebook, you may recall that the 25 random things note was going around a few months ago. I need to post more to my blog--and I have things to photograph!--but haven't gotten to them yet. I think I'll have time this weekend though.

Anyway, I did this random things list several months ago on Facebook, and just realized, duh!, I could share here too. I wrote this in February, so I've add parentheses in a few spots to bring it up to date.

Here's a bunch of random things, some about me, some not.

1. I went to Catholic school from grade 1-3 and 5-8. For some reason grade 4 was public and it was in a building right next to the Catholic school. We all went over to the Catholic school once a week (Dyersville friends: is that right? More often?) for religion class.

2. This was in Dyersville, Iowa, home to the movie Field of Dreams. It was filmed after my family had moved away.

3. I don’t like the expressions “babywearing” or “wear your baby.” But I do love the concept. I carried H around in a sling, moby wrap and imitation baby bjorn thing a lot when he was smaller (and weighed less!). He loved it. But talking about wearing a baby just … creeps me out.

4. I like pickles a lot. G doesn’t.

5. I used to eat sand when I was a baby. On our recent trip [in Jan. not really so recent anymore] H ate sand. I think it’s genetic.

6. I’ve taken lots of dance classes as an adult, including ballroom, ballet, flamenco and belly.

7. I don’t use the terminal comma in lists.

8. Speaking of grammar, I hate how the overuse of “myself” has become so common in the last five years or so. As in, “Gary invited Jane and myself to the party.” It should be “Jane and me.” You wouldn’t say “Gary invited myself to the party,” right?

9. I wear my hair in pigtails a lot.

10. Somehow the hospital where I gave birth had my age wrong. Some paperwork said I was 31, when I was actually 32. But I was so out of it that I thought maybe they’re right and I’m wrong! After all, they probably plugged my birth date into some software program that spit out my age. How could it be wrong? I had to do the math to double check. I was bummed to discover that, yes, I was actually 32 [now 33].

11. I don’t know what I want for my birthday yet. That’s OK though cause it’s not til the end of May. [I figured it out eventually. I asked for, and got, a craft area set up in the basement. Now I have my sewing machine set up, a table for cutting fabric, all my yarn and fabric neatly (well...) stored. It was the best gift!]

12. There is a mattress in my office.

13. There’s also a pot of calla lilies (G’s V-day gift to me) and a baby activity center that a bunch of my coworkers pitched in to buy. H loves it! (Thanks, guys!) [The calla lilies are no longer in my office--but they did last from Valentine's Day until May! The activity center is in the basement now too as H long outgrew it.]

14. I once hiked to the top of a mountain that Cezanne painted.

15. I am tired of winter fruit. I want nectarines, cherries, berries and watermelon. [I am thoroughly enjoying my summer fruits! And I never tire of them.]

16. I am terrible about remembering people’s birthdays.

17. In the latest episode of Top Chef, Fabio wore a pink pashmina scarf. I thought that was cool. [this one is outdated too. This was during the last season of Top Chef. Am really enjoying Top Chef Masters right now.]

18. I don’t think that G would wear a pink, pashmina scarf. But he does wear the blue, merino/cashmere/alpaca blend scarf that I made for him.

19. I would like to be a judge at a pie-making contest.

20. We call H “burrito” a lot. It’s not because he tastes like a burrito (although he did sort of LOOK like a burrito when we used to swaddle him). And it’s not just because he’s great and burritos are great. It’s because we call him Henrito and that sorta rhymes with burrito. So we just started calling him Henrito Burrito and then just Burrito.

21. G really likes to watch funny cat videos. Thus, when we first started dating we watched a lot of America’s Funniest Videos. A friend couldn’t believe that: I don’t think she would have dated a guy who watched AFV. But I say: You can’t go wrong with funny cat videos.

22. I love G’s laugh. Sometimes, I’ll be feeding H upstairs in our bedroom and hear G laughing downstairs in the office (he’s probably watching funny cat videos online). Just hearing him makes me laugh out loud, too, and I tell H he’s got a funny father.

23. I like it that G sometimes calls me by family nickname of Resa.

24. I wore flip flops (granted, they were elegant flip flops) at my wedding and my brothers set up a game of beer pong. The party was in my parents’ backyard. I thought it was beautiful: June in Wisconsin, tons of flowers, white tents, fairy lights, candles, good music, simple but good food. Five cakes (we got five small ones with different flavors instead of one big, fancy wedding cake). I’m not a beer pong player, but I think it’s cool that the guys played.

25. I have 88 unheard podcasts on my itunes. Most of them are knitting podcasts. [oddly enough, this one is still accurate!]

26. Every week, G reads the Savage Love column to me.

27. I call blankets, especially the extra cozy ones like my mom’s quilts, doeys. (sounds like doe eese). It’s a word I made up when I was a kid.

28. I watched Man on Wire last night. It was good. [well, I watched Man on Wire several months ago now. But I still think it was good.]

29. In the town of Westford, Wis., a goat broke into a home and ate a cake.

30. This list is too long. But I’m not cutting anything out.

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