Monday, July 27, 2009

New Socks


I finished a pair of vanilla socks. The yarn is Kona superwash sock dyed by blogger KnitPastis. She had a blog contest a few years ago and I won! I long ago used up all the other goodies she sent. I actually started a pair of Child's First Socks with this yarn back in 2007. But I very soon after got pregnant and stopped knitting because it made me nauseous. Fast forward to 2009. These days I need lots of plain projects with easy knitting that I can pick up on the go and don't need to waste precious knitting time figuring out where I left off. So the plain socks are my project these days. Well, that is when I only have a few minutes here and there to knit. When I know that I have an hour or more, I'll pick up a more complicated project like the Morning Glory Wrap (which will get its own post later).


I love this yarn! KnitPastis did a beautiful job dyeing it. The base is luscious. So happy to have another pair of hand-knit socks to wear this fall!


Colette said...

Love your socks where did you get the pattern? are they easy to knit because I have never tried to knit socks before

KnitPastis said...

That's so cool to see it knitted up! You did a beautiful job on knitting these up. xoxo