Monday, October 16, 2006

This Is Why There Is No Progress on My Sock

Ouch! My wrist was swollen and sore last night. And I didn't knit much this weekend. I was too busy poking around Annapolis and at the Ren Faire. I knit like two rows last night and had to put it down.

But after a day wrapped, it is feeling a little better. I am going to stop by Riteaid on the way home from my bellydance class to get some proper wrist guards, or at least more tape.


Sarah said...

Hope it feels better soon.

Sarah said...

I went to the Renn Fair on Saturday (the 14th) too. We probably passed each other there. What was your favorite part? I enjoyed the shoppes...especially the beautiful and inexpensive pottery I picked up!

Yarn Coffee said...

Oh no, what did you do? I have had wrist problems since I was a child and I often get sore wrists when the weather gets damp. I hope you're ok!