Saturday, October 21, 2006

Still no Knitting

Thanks for all the comments about my wrist. It feels OK today, but was still sore yesterday. And I haven't been knitting. I have no idea what I did. It is probably from typing or something. But last night, I couldn't even clap when we saw Hem (again, yes twice in one week. We are officially groupies. But it was their last show for awhile because Sally, the singer, is pregnant. And it was an amazing show. More later). So, I instead of clapping I sort slapped my thigh w/ my left hand. Ouch.

Yesterday, we took the day off and spent the day in D.C. We drove down to Falls Church, then took the metro into the city. I was very excited for this excursion, mostly because I got to see the sloth bear baby. (Inspired by Coleen's post a few weeks ago, I brought my camera.) Last year, Geoff and I went to the zoo in December and it was great: no crowds, the male tiger was roaring (and he was again yesterday. We were there at 4:00 both times, maybe that is near his feeding time?). We saw the pandas, but not the baby. But a few months ago, I read an article about the sloth bear baby, Balawat. The article mentioned how everyone was panda crazy, but that the baby panda, while cute, was really pretty boring. It just sleeps and eats bamboo. We did see him doing that yesterday, and I admit it was pretty cute (as evidenced in the top picture). So I can understand the fuss. And one of his parents was pretty cute too.

But the article also mentioned that there was a baby sloth bear that wasn't really that cute, but had a cuter personality because it would play with a ball and run around, etc. And ever since I read the article (in August??) I have wanted to see the baby sloth bear. For the past week, I have been talking about the sloth baby nonstop. I even made up a stupid song about seeing the sloth bear baby. G thought I was crazy. I just really wanted to see Balawat. And I finally did. And he was cute! Kind of ugly cute, but cute. He was sleeping with his mother all curled up right next to the glass when we arrived, which was very cute, but I wanted to see him playing. So we went to the rest of the zoo and came back to the sloth bears around 4:00 and they were up, eating bugs out of rocks, climbing on branches and just being cute. I loved it!

The sloth bears live in the zoo's new Asia Trail, which just opened and it is really nice.

We also saw a cool fishing cat that seemed about to catch a fish at any moment but probably spent the entire day like that and a family of adorable river otters.

After the zoo, we headed over to U Street and went to the Saloon so G could get some rare beer and I could have some real apple schnaps. Yum! Then we had dinner across the street at Dukem for an Ethiopian dinner. Double yum.

After dinner, we hopped back on the metro to Falls Church and the State Theater for Hem.

My brother arrived safely in China and is already having adventures. I may post stories from him from time to time. I find it terribly funny that my beer-pong playing brother will be teaching future monks.

Today I am off to a measuring party, a la the book Big Girl Knits. Someday, I'll make a sweater.


Coleen said...

I am hoping to get to the Asia exhibit on Monday. I am completely obsessed with that baby panda!!!

Ragan said...

I love the National Zoo. We used to take the first graders (I taught at Quantico) out there every year. I loved it. :) It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I hope that your wrist is better enough to knit soon!