Thursday, October 19, 2006

Safe Travels, Brother

Today my younger brother Andy is off to Tibet for the next several months on a service project. He'll be teaching English to the young monks-in-training: little boys who will someday be monks. I am really excited for him, but a little nervous too. It is so far and seems so remote. But he's probably going to have email so it won't be much different than him being in Wisconsin. Except he'll be in Tibet, where they have rabid dogs. OK, I'm being dramatic. He's going to be fine. And I really am excited for him and proud of him. I just can't help feeling big sisterly and worry a little bit.

But he needs adventure and I can understand that. I had my year abroad years ago. Course I only went to France where there aren't rabid dogs (at least not many) but plenty of guys who pinch. And then almost two years ago, I decided to leave Madison, where I had lived for 10 years, and move to Baltimore, basically on a whim. It helped that I was moving in with best friend L here. Having a good friend helped make it an adventure and not scary.

Luckily, Andy isn't going alone either. He's got his girlfriend, who also happens to be our sister-in-law. We have some tangled relationships in our family. So anyway, Andy and Katch are off to Tibet together. Good luck guys and have fun! I'll miss you.

Oh, yeah, that's Andy in the blue. Yes, he is playing beer bong. And yes, it was at my wedding. I did not play. But my brothers, they could compete professionally. Sorry, dude, don't think you'll find beer bong in Tibet. But knowing you, you'll find a way with the local barley beer.


Lolly said...

What an amazing opportunity - truly life changing! I wish him luck! :)

KnitPastis said...

Tibet, wow! Have a great time and experience all that you can. That's a nice thing he is doing.

Blogger said...
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