Friday, June 12, 2009

Secret Pal 14

I signed up for my first Secret Pal swap. Now I need to start blogging again! I've been wanting to do a swap for a while and decided to take the plunge.

Anyone else in?

I've been knitting a lot. But it's somehow too much to get pictures taken, off the camera, uploaded to Flickr and then posted here.

Since Jan., I've completed a hat, some socks and a shawl.

On the needles: a shawl I started the day before I went into labor last July. It's knit in two halves and then grafted at the center. I knit the first half while on maternity leave and picked up the second half this spring. Almost done, but I might run out of yarn.

Just started the Outside In pattern from the summer Knitty. I am using Lime and Violet Intentions yarn in "balance." So soft, so pretty.

I've got a vest for H in the works, but not do motivated to finish b/c he won't wear it until Fall. And I've got some basic socks in the works too.

It's all very pretty! I hope to get some pics soon. I've actually been posting pics to Facebook more than here b/c it's super easy to take a pic with my iPhone and upload to Facebook (granted the photos aren't the best quality, but it's better than nothing). If you want to connect with me a Facebook, add me as a friend! If you're not sure how to find me, search Theresa + Baltimore and I'll pop up. I don't want to list my last name on this blog.

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