Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stitch Diva Sale

Saw this on Stephanie's blog: There's a sale at Stitch Diva. All
patterns are 25% off and 75% percent of proceeds go to help two
knitters in need. But the sale ends at 11:59 tonight!

I've had a few of the Stitch Diva patterns on my someday list for awhile, so I decided today was the day to purchase.

Save a few bucks and help some knitters! Perfect.


KnitPastis said...

YOU WON the prizes on my blog!
Email me your address and your email tonight if possible so I can ship it out tomorrow Tuesday 21st!

I would like to ship it to you before I leave on my trip, if not, then it will have to be shipped to you in about a week and a half when I get back.

Thanks for the link to Stitch Diva.

KnitPastis said...

I forgot to give you my email address

Send me an email this morning with your address so I can mail your package to you. Take care!