Thursday, September 28, 2006


I joined Lolly's Socktoberfest and have almost finished my first sock. I'll work on the second during October. I know that I've been saying that it would be done for a long time, but it really is! I just need to get a needle to graft it together. It's been all but done since last weekend. I thought I'd finish it then, but alas, I did not have the supplies I needed. But this weekend, I will get myself to a craft store, buy the proper needle and finish these suckers.

I did get lots of other errands done. It was a good weekend:

  • cleaned out my car (not fun, but needed to be done)

  • washed some quilts at the laundry mat

  • picked up some yarn from A Good Yarn, oh la la!

  • went to the farm stand near our house on Sat. (yum, local corn, eggplant, summer squash!) and the Baltimore farmer's market on Sun. (yum, perfectly ripe Asian pears, tomatoes, mozerrella, basil--made a great salad last night)

  • heard a little bit of the Who while taking out the garbage. They were performing at the Virgin Mobile Fest, just a few blocks away at Pimlico. G was at the concert with his aunt. I had no interest in attending: huge crowds + hot weather + bands that I don't really like all that much + a lot of money = not my thing. Now if it had been a concert/yarn fest, then I would have been there!

    Lolly said...

    Yea Socktoberfest! The time is getting closer! :)

    Yeah, the Virgin Fest crossed my mind. There were some bands that I like there, but the tickets were pretty expensive, and it just didn't seem worth it to me...

    KnitPastis said...

    Oh ,that's great you have almosted finished your socks. I haven't had a chance on starting mine yet for the Socktoberfest yet. I agree with you on the crowed hot concerts. Yuck but I do love an outdoor concert! Montage Mountain up in the Poconos is great for concerts.