Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Live From the Quality Inn--Again

Maybe I have to be on the road in order to blog. Maybe I have to be at this Quality Inn in order to blog. At least there aren't any tornado warnings tonight. But it has been raining since I got here. And it looks like that weather will follow me right home to Baltimore. Sorry friends.

I am back at headquarters for a few days. But after this trip I have a travel relief: no trips til November! (But then I'll have two a month--half personal, half for work--through mid February. I am going to savor these next few weeks at home, especially the weekends!!!)

Aside: I am watching reruns of Sex and the City on the WB. It's the one where Miranda runs away from Steve on the street after they break up and then he stops by her apartment and she cries, then later they have breakup sex. I love Steve. Such a cute dork.

OK, back to the post. What is new? Went to my a baby shower for my sister-in-law in Chicago on Saturday (one of the perks of this work travel: I get to see lots of family!). She got lots of cute, cuddly, soft things. I didn't make anything. A few weeks ago I thought of running to the yarn store and buying some bulky baby yarn but I just ... didn't. That's OK. My mom made her a knitted blanket and a quilt. At the party, I worked on my sock (picture coming soon, I promise) and several people asked me who it was for. My great aunt asked me if it was for my husband. One woman even asked if it was for "someone special." I said, "well it's for me!" I am special. :)

But I wish I were almost done with my second sock. :)

Another aside: I heard a Hem song on a TV commercial for Liberty Mutual today. Cool! I am so excited for them. I am not the kind of person who wants her favorite band to stay underground. No, I want everyone to know and love Hem. Then I found out they are coming back to Ramshead in Oct. and to somewhere in Falls Church. G and I will definitely see them at one of those shows. And speaking of music, love the Justin Timberlake song SexyBack. Love it. So crusty (crusty means kitchy, cheesy, the stuff of guilty pleasures). I think it may make it on to my iTunes soon, much to my husband's dismay, I'm sure.

Speaking of husbands, he tells me I got a package of yarn from Elann this week! Yeah, can't wait to see it and touch it. And like four yarn catalogs. Exciting.

I'll get some batteries in my camera and post all sorts of pictures this weekend.

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Sarah said...

Can't wait to see photos.

Ooohhh...a package from Elann. I am SO TRYING to NOT buy yarn.