Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode 13: Not too Unlucky (but a bit Bizarre)

What I'm Wearing:
My wedding wrap! It's very simple lace, yarn over, knit two together all the way across with 2 stitch garter edge on each side. Very similar to the Turkish Stitch. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria.

Necklace by Timeless Trinkets.


Valentines Day Socks Basic Sock by Ann Budd in Knitterly Things Vesper Sock in colorway Strange Little Mama.

Henry's Black and Red scarf knit in the round, making it up as I go. Knit in Jojoland Tonic.

Basic Vest by Ann Budd in Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort.

Folktale Fibers handspun

Indigo dyed Coopworth on my Bosworth spindle.

A few new podcasts (find a great list of current audio and video podcasts and stay in the loop on what's new by following the Knitting Podcast blog):

3 Stitches with Michelle, Kathryn and Lindsay
Knit Me Happy with Rachel
Moonie Knits with Maya
Wexford Knits with Rebecca

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