Friday, September 04, 2009

Mini Break!

We are headed to South Carolina, near Charleston, for a long weekend. It's been a long week. Henry got his first ear infection and was home from daycare for a few days. I'm on deadline at work and could not take real PTO. I took PTO but I still had to work in order to meet the deadlines. Plus, I was trying to work ahead so I could be off while on vacation. So I was trying to get as much work done as possible during naptime and after dinner. Needless to say, I am worn out!

Still have a ton of work to finish up before we can leave today. And I keep thinking of things to add to the already-packed car!

I am hoping to find a yarn shop in Charleston. I already have one idea, thanks to Doris of the Baltimore Knitting Meetup group (that is no longer on meetup, just Ravelry now) and I want to try the Chocolate Coca-Cola cake she told me about!

I've got two socks in progress packed. Maybe I'll get some pictures of them on the beach or by the pool. We'll see. Vacation with a baby doesn't leave much time for knitting.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great time! Charleston is a beautiful city...and I also hope you got to try the yummy cake. We actually were talking to someone about it last night.

littlelixie said...

Hope you have a fab time and find a knitting shop!

Blogger said...
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