Monday, August 17, 2009

Rhinebeck, maybe?

I am excited. Last week I was checking out the NY Sheep and Wool Festival Web site and saw all the cool kid activities. I showed G and we talked about possibly going this year. G went to school at Vassar in Poughkeepsie and he loves the area.

We're not going to decide until closer to the date, which I realize might make it impossible to go b/c the hotel rooms in the area could be sold out by then. But I am still excited. Even if we don't go this year, I think we'll go some year, which is very exciting!

I was very envious while reading all the reports from Sock Summit. I am craving a knitting event!


Anonymous said...

all the hotels close by are sold out, but check out this looks really nice:

Anonymous said...

I am about 45 minutes from the NY State sheep and wool. I have only been there twice. Secret Pal

mel said...

Ohhh Rhinebeck. Someday :) I think it's generally the week before SAFF, that would be a cool trek - Rhinebeck, a few days off to recoup, then SAFF!! If you decide to go you'll have to keep us all in the loop!