Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Shopping

So today is my birthday. And instead of buying myself a present, I've decided that my special b-day treat will be to go down to my yarn stash and pick out something new to cast on.

I mean, I want to buy myself a present. The new knitpicks catalog came today and I am in love with the lace samplers on the back cover. I want the sunset one to do a gradient shawl! But, I am inspired by Laurie Perry's (aka Crazy Aunt Purl) recent posts about consumerism and not buying unnecessary stuff. I don't think I can be as extreme as she is going to be. We do after all need to buy stuff for the baby. He doesn't need a lot, but he does need some frivolous items, like toys. But b/c we have to buy stuff for him, they'll be less for other random spending. Like yarn.

Besides, I have been very good this year about not buying impulse yarn and I'd like to keep that up! (you have no idea how hard it was to resist the Webs sale. So glad it's over!) Yes, I did just buy a bunch of baby yarn. But that was to make specific items and I have already cast on and/or finished two of them. And I bought a skein of Cascade Eco Plus. But again, that was to make the Hemlock Ring blanket, which is done (though still not blocked).

I think that is all the yarn I have bought in 2008, maybe even since Stitches East last Oct. (My memory of Nov-Jan. is a bit fuzzy though. It seems like all I did was sit on the couch and try not to puke. I wasn't knitting then, so I can't imagine that I bought yarn ....)

Anyway, the point is, I have not purchased impulse yarn for a long time. And the knitpicks lace sampler would definitely be impulse yarn. It would arrive, I would pet it, but then it would go straight into a plastic storage bin and stay there until who knows when. I have lots of pretty lace in my bins. I can go take a dive and pick something yummy out to cast on tonight! Or maybe I want to start a sweater? I haven't officially joined any "knit from your stash" alongs or anything, but this year, I have been really trying to look at what I have, what I want to make and see how the two can intersect.

More on not spending: I am trying to convince myself that I can last with just one pair of maternity shorts that I found on clearance at Target for $4.24. I also have two maternity skirts and two pairs of gauchos/capri yoga pants. That is five summer bottoms. And do I need maternity tank tops? I have managed to get by w/o a lot of maternity clothes b/c I work at home and just wore my sweats up until now. Those sweats are starting to get a) too hot and b) too small. Plus there is this long dress at Target that looks so lovely and cool. There is just something nice about putting on a long dress in the summer. Hmmmm.

Oh god, I just remembered that I need to buy a breast pump. Since H will have to go to day care full time (sad), I'll need to get an expensive electronic one. Maybe no Target dress.

So today is my birthday and I don't need to buy myself a present. I got a lovely necklace from my in-laws. And some cute cards. And I know my husband is giving me two watches (but I haven't seen them yet!). My boss gave me a gift card to a local garden store (she searched on line for something local to me and discovered a great shop called Poor Boys.) I already spent the gift card, but I think I'm going back this weekend to get a hydrangea. I know! More spending! But the front of our house needs some curb appeal and I know I can't do it all at once, but one hydrangea and some mulch will go a long way and next year we can add something else.

Ok, so no yarn presents, but maybe some maternity shorts, a dress and a hydrangea. And! I get to go play in my stash and pick out a new project. I am off to do that now before G comes home to cook me his delicious cilantro laced burgers on the grill.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Theresa!

Sarah said...

Ahem. Well there's always Crazy Auntie Sarah's Craaazy Daycare. You just need to speak with Crazy Auntie Sarah.

And happy birthday btw. Much cake and love!

Javajem said...

Happy Birthday! i just wrote you an email to wish you happy birthday too ha!

I read the post on Crazy Aunt Purl too and it had me thinking! I have stopped myself several times from buying things I don't need!

bySarah said...

Your birthday sounds wonderful.
Hope you love what you picked from your stash.

laura said...

Happy Birthday to you!