Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I love to knit in public. I knit at coffee shops, in the airport, on planes (yes you CAN bring knitting needles on planes, even metal ones!), in the car (only as a passenger!), at restaurants, in the park, at the beach, pool, basically anywhere.

I wanted to knit at Engaged Encounter, which is this Catholic weekend retreat that is part of pre-marriage counseling, but the fiance thought that would be rude. And then we didn't end up sitting in one spot for very long and the room was incredibly hot, so having wool on my lap would have been a bit much.

So a knitting blog is just another way for me to knit in public!

Of course, I also like to knit at home on my couch while watching TV with my roommate, or chatting with my mom, or with my phone headset on. The fiance can usually tell when I am paying more attention to my purls than to what he is saying.

I don't have a digital camera yet, so I don't have pictures yet. Maybe the roomie will let me borrow hers.

I starting knitting a few years ago when my mom gave me three balls of yarn, some needles and a short how to book. I made a stockinette striped scarf.

Some projects I am working on:
Just finished knitting a wrap/shawl/poncho (are ponchos too out now?). If I am going to make it a poncho, I still need to sew it up. It is done in simple garter stitch, but on the diagonal, so it has a little flair!

A basket weave wrap for my mom in a gorgeous variegated merino. But it is super fine yarn, so it is taking me forever. I am considering ripping it out and doing something lacy w/ it.

A basket weave scarf in a lovely minty green for me (I am a very selfish knitter).

Haven't started yet:
I have six skeins (about 600 years) of camel colored bulky baby alpaca, but not sure what to do with it. Something for me (see selfish!) cause it is soo soft and luxurious!

A baby blanket w/ some soft and fuzzy yellow and multi colored baby yarn. I have two nieces or nephews on the way! Just found out this weekend. Not twins: my two sisters-in-law are pregnant and due w/in a few weeks of each other.

3 balls of a cashmere/merino blend for a scarf for the finance in a manly blue. What is a good scarf pattern for a man? I am not going to start this until AFTER the wedding. I know the curse only applies to sweaters, but I am testing it! :)

A soft red wool to make my dad a sweater vest for Christmas. He wears sweater vests all year long, but only in red or blue. One year my brothers and I scoured the mall looking for a red one w/o luck.

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Coleen said...

Hi Theresa!
Thanks for the info about the links - I appreciate it!

Welcome to the world of knitting bloggers. I look forward to seeing you post your projects online!